Is Google Evil?

No this isn’t about the Verizon thing; it’s something completely different.

I was looking at both Feedblitz and Google’s Feedburner as tools for offering email subscription service, but despite claims in the help files on both sites that Google is supporting Feedblitz as a complement to Feedburner there is no apparent way of reaching it from the Feedburner site.

Now I can understand if the cooperation agreement is perhaps no longer in place and what I was reading is outdated, or if the intent was only to support those who picked up Feedblitz by going to its own site (as I did), but what is really EVIL is that when I tried to edit the email subscriptions properties in Feedburner the only option I was offered was to disable Feedblitz. This kind of Microsoftian ploy is not the kind of thing that will build public confidence in an organization that wants to be the guardian of ALL our information!

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