Spectral Atheism

Jean Kazez distinguishes between  Hard and Soft Atheism in a post on her blog whose title leads me to think of the range as a spectrum.

In the opening paragraph she identifies atheism as a belief, saying  “It’s not enough to not believe in God/gods–or we’re going to have to call my cats atheists.” This explains very well why I do not call myself an “atheist”. Nor do I consider myself an “agnostic” because that implies belief that there is a meaningful question to which I don’t know the answer, and though there are many such, I am not convinced that the question of “existence” of gods is one of them.

What I do consider meaningful and interesting is the role of religion in human life, and it is probably apparent from other posts in this blog that I see a lot of negatives there but am not yet committed to any particular approach to “dealing” with them – either in terms of their influence on my relationships with religious people or of how I react to expressions of evangelical atheism.

I may well be devoting more attention to the issue right now than is actually likely to be useful. But then I have the time so I might as well waste it if I choose to.

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