is a mess (like this post) because my data streams are not well integrated.

In order to have an effective Personal Environment for networked Learning (my PEL of the title), I need capacity to search across (and write to) all data streams in which I am involved without opening many different apps or windows.

I do use a ‘links’ page for quick access to things I use a lot [1] and have “post this” items in the bookmarks toolbar on my browser for publishing into various contexts.

But I would like to have a single interface for viewing all input streams at once with capacity for 1 click publishing to any selected combo of output streams

I have been following up on some very useful looking suggestions from #PLENK2010 course participants and
trying (or at least looking at) things like igoogle, netvibes and Chris Jobling’s yahoo pipes thingy (though that’s too much of a learning curve for me to get into at this point)

Perhaps a local version of Stephen Downes’ gRSShopper is what I need.

And maybe this is all premature as apparently Week 7 will be dealing with ” PLE/Ns Tools – What Exists, What is Being Built?”

So maybe for now I should just leave well enough alone and try to catch up with what’s been going on in Week 2.

[1] But the one for plenk by Eduardo Peirano should not have been necessary if the navigation options within the moodle and blog interfaces had been better coordinated (eg there are no links to the weekly readings wiki from the moodle homepage).

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