Personal Knowledge Management

The #PLENK2010 topic for  discussion in Week 8 is PKM.

It seems reasonable to define knowledge in this context as information that someone has effective use of (and in a way it’s the use we “know” rather than the fact). With this interpretation, in an institutional setting ‘Knowledge Management’ deals with keeping track of *who* knows how to find and use information (as opposed to ‘Information Management’ which is more about where to put it).

For me, therefore, Personal Knowledge Management is about two things:
– one is how to qualify information I have as personal knowledge by making it accessible to me when needed (which includes some issues of information management but also some mental aspects such as having appropriate conceptual and neural connections to stimulate recall),
– and the other is how to personally duplicate the institution’s KM activity of keeping track of who knows what – which we do by establishing network connections with trusted sources.

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