Dumb Slogans

I am sick and tired of watching the “left” shoot itself in the foot by trying to popularize its position with dumb and reactionary slogans which actually work against (what should be) their core principles.

A recent case in point is the campaign against “Usage Based Billing” for internet access.

Previously we have the BCNDP’s foolish “Axe the Tax” campaign to oppose the idea of a Carbon Tax rather than dealing with the nitty gritty of what was wrong with the Campbell government’s specific implementation of it (a position on which they reversed themselves as soon as it had achieved its apparent purpose of loosing them the election!)

And prior to that was a campaign against the idea of “Contingent Repayment” for student loans just because the plan proposed by the government (for those whose education turned out not to be as remunerative as promised) was just deferral rather than true forgiveness (which is what contingent repayment should have been forced to mean).

It seems all the right has to do to kill a good idea is implement it sub-optimally and then the idiots on the left will decide they never liked it and it will be done for.

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