no analytics, :-)   ;   no conversation, :-(

The blog blog analytics issue means little to me as I am here mainly to clarify my own thoughts rather than to find an audience, but D’Arcy Norman’s comment that “distributed blog conversation has basically vanished” disappoints me (especially in the light of what people are trying to do in distributed learning exercises like cck11 and ds106).  Twitter and Facebook may be useful for becoming aware of new conversations but, so far as I can see, they do not provide either the opportunity for really extended comments nor the control necessary to keep track of them.

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  1. It’s not that discussion doesn’t happen, it’s that it’s largely been pushed out into ephemeral silos such as twitter and facebook. Conversations between people used to happen all the time via their blogs, like this, with comments and trackbacks. That’s basically gone now. Lots of other great stuff has shown up though – Radio DS106 is mindblowing.

    I don’t think I could equate analytics with conversation. Analytics is using software to crunch data to learn things that people didn’t explicitly tell you. That doesn’t sound like much of a conversation…

  2. alan says:

    Thanks D’Arcy, I think the mis-punctuation of my title made it seem as if I was seeing lack of analytics as leading to lack of conversation. I will correct it by replacing the “comma splice” with a semicolon – which is what should go between two distinct thoughts. (No analytics is ok; no conversation is bad)

    And yes I do see conversations happening elsewhere, but as you say often in “ephemeral silos” – and I am too much of a pack rat to be happy with that.

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