Why I do this

In the absence of any readers this may seem pointless but somehow I find it useful to keep links to things I come across and to record some of the thoughts I have about them. The WordPress tool lets me do this and although it might as well be private it feels as if even if no-one reads it the fact that it is accessible makes me think a bit (though perhaps often not enough) before committing to “publish”.

Jenny Mackness discusses Why we blog from the point of view of an active on-line educator, but some of the points apply also to a case like mine.In particular, the first reason she cites is “to serve as a substitute for a poor memory, by aggregating interesting ideas and links into one location thus creating a personal searchable digital library”

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  1. Heli Nurmi says:

    sometimes a reader may visit here and check what Alan is thinking just now

    I’ve been asking myself the same question: what to do with my blogs now when retired from work. Retired to internet? is it possible to say so?
    See you!

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