#lyinryan Strikes Again

‘In VP Debate:Ryan Told 24 Myths In 40 Minutes’ (cf ThinkProgress).

But it did become apparent in that debate that there is just one clear issue that separates the slates in this election – namely whether to slash the future retirement and medical benefits of the young in order to avoid making the rich now pay their fair share of taxes. Ryan repeatedly alluded to protecting the SocialSecurity and Medicare benefits of those now over 50 by imposing progressively deeper cuts on the future benefits of those now in their 40’s and younger. If this doesn’t bring out the youth vote I don’t know what will!!!

(Well I suppose there is one thing. The cavalier attitude of Romney/Ryan towards threats of war might be taken seriously by some of those who would be put in harm’s way – even if they are too disinterested or noble to object to their old age comfort being sacrificed to protect the richest of their parents generation.)

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