I can’t help doing this

…because I have freely decided to do it!

Those who claim to have evidence that “you probably don’t have free will” or who assert that complex chaotic systems’ unpredictability “is what gives you free will” are both either unprincipled or naive in accepting that the idea of “free will” has any absolute meaning.

I have yet to see a coherent definition of what it would mean to have, as opposed to not have, free will. But I cannot follow along with the game of debunking the concept by refuting a definition that was proposed in order to debunk the concept.
On the other hand, if Dennett is right in his claim that “Philosophers have done some real work that the scientists jolly well should know” then I’d like to see a brief sample of what he considers the best (just in case there’s a chance that looking further wouldn’t be wasting my time).

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