Murdoch Gives Ink to Discredited Bjorn Lomborg – Surprise?

ThinkProgress reports that Lomborg Urges Climate Inaction With Misleading Stats In Murdoch's Wall Street Journal.

This is the same guy who first threw up a wall of phoney statistical arguments against the reality of Anthropogenic Global Warming and then when they had all been refuted said effectively “Well ok it is happening but we don’t need to do anything about it”. This would have been ok (in a moral sense) if he had really believed the first position, but he is too smart for that and I am sure that he presented his anti-AGW argument in the full knowledge that it was bogus.

The most important point to note about this guy is that he is prepared to adopt any argument in support of his goal of inaction but will drop it as soon as its capacity for creating further delay becomes weakened. The fact that he adopts positions that he probably knows are untenable just to create delay is what is most offensive, but may also eventually come to be recognized if the point is made often enough.

Sadly he is not unique. There are people on both sides who adopt positions with regard to climate change (and the choice of optimal response to it) who do so with less regard to the validity of their arguments than to whether or not they support some ulterior motive.

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