Militant Ideology

Ahmed Humayun at 3quarksdaily writes of The Shadow of Militant Ideology over Islam. He thinks that “it is clear that the greatest danger of militant ideology is posed to Muslims living in Muslim majority societies”, but although that may well be true of specifically Muslim kinds of militancy I think it is a mistake to see the militant tendency as a specifically Muslim problem. The present situation in the Ukraine is surely evidence otherwise, and the danger it poses is global.

P.S. I was drawn into commenting at 3QD by Humayun’s use of the term “muslim lands” which commenter ‘joe mooney’ correctly objected to as an “unfortunate term which speaks to a narrow tribal, mindset that is exclusive”. The problem with “lands” is that it is so often used to imply exclusive ownership by an ethnicity or religion, often in the sense of something which must be held on to permanently at all costs, and so itself becomes one of the strongest emotional components of a militant ideology.

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