Calling Mike Bloomberg…

This is just one example of stories that need to be widely disseminated during the coming US election. Massive distribution of TV ads showing DT’s early comments on COVID-19 is another. And there are many more.

Mike Bloomberg has proved that money is not enough to just buy a nomination – let alone an actual election – but it may be enough to ensure that a valid message gets out to the electorate, and so to unveil and defeat a confidence trickster.

If Bloomberg is sincere in his wish to rid the USA of Donald Trump’s presidency, then he has the means to do that. All it will take is unrelenting and timely exposure to the stupidities, inanities, and contradictions uttered by the current Buffoon-in-Chief.

This will not earn Bloomberg the presidency for himself but by showing his commitment to principle rather than personal advancement it may actually earn him the latter.

He can’t be included on the ticket this year since the VP has to be a woman and has to appeal to the Sanders wing. But after Biden retires in 2024, his VP and successor Elizabeth Warren might well be advised to take on Mike Bloomberg as her running mate.

So while he may never actually become president, little Mike could well become VP if he plays his cards right – and does what is best for both his country and the rest of us.

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