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They say “We need your feedback to understand how we can improve your experience on our website”

Well here’s my response:

The site sometimes allows BCid verification as an option and sometimes not. And when I try to use by bank as a partner it accepts the id info and then immediately says the session has expired. Perhaps one time in ten things work as they should but the site almost always works badly and is atrociously designed. This stupid survey is just one more example – it tells me I must complete my task before filling it out but gives me no route back to that task and the question about what I came to do gives a ridiculously long list which does not appear to include one of the most common reasons for coming here – namely to autofill a tax return. Then, if I give up, next thing you know CRA is dinging me for interest and penalties! Total crap!!! But why do I bother telling you all this? It probably won’t lead to any improvement.

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