Renewable Natural Gas?

Apparently FortisBC is being sued over ‘deceptive’ marketing tactics regarding so-called Renewable Natural Gas.

I haven’t seen what Fortis is actually offering or claiming, but capturing methane from waste dumps makes sense (and is renewable in the sense that the methane is being produced continuously by ongoing biological processes).

Ideally it might just be sequestered underground, but so long as people are still burning methane from the ground it makes sense to replace some of that supply with the recaptured stuff.

If the captured methane is more expensive to produce than that from the ground then it makes some sense to encourage people to choose to pay a premium for it. But it makes more sense to have a proper carbon tax on the ground-pumped stuff, with a lesser tax on the recovered so that using the recovered is actually cheaper for the consumer.

Source: FortisBC sued over ‘deceptive’ marketing tactics – Vancouver Is Awesome

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