“Mistakes and Violation of Protocol”

It may seem to Palestinians that Western outrage over the murder of foreign food delivery workers is placing higher value on our own ethnicity than on the other victims. But it is more that by seeing the targeting of an aid convoy whose content is readily verified we are now better able to assess  the frequency of “misidentified” civilian targets in general and to understand that with or without an explicit mandate the IDF practice is indeed much closer than we might have realized to killing anything that moves without regard to any proper assessment of threat. (The killing of their own escaping hostages and of the medical team assisting a trapped child could have been just a small fraction of a vast number of interactions, but the number of aid workers killed in this and other incidents is much more clearly seen to be a shockingly high proportion of those on the ground.)

But it is probably still overreach to apply the label of genocide to the Israeli government as a whole. The problem is with establishing “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religions group, as such“. Accidental indiscriminate destruction as a side effect of the intended elimination of a political subgroup may almost certainly be a war crime but it does not necessarily qualify as genocide.

Source: IDF investigation shows mistakes and violation of protocol, officers disciplined – The Washington Post

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