Priuses are Blue and Pick-ups are Red

. . . according to the current US left-right colour-coding of politics that is.

But, according to Suzuki Elder (and my good friend) Bob Worcester, the vehicle of choice should be green. And in order to provide the necessary all-encompassing view without too much environmental impact, perhaps it should be a balloon.

But although I see the value of looking at the political (or any other) landscape from above,  I am left with the thought that such a perspective does not come naturally to us; and indeed that we have a strong natural tendency to take any opportunity to polarize and divide into competing teams, parties, tribes, and nations – with the tendency towards a binary split being particularly powerful. So, taking the value of Bob’s “green” perspective as given, the real question that remains is how to effectively promote it – not just as something to be agreed with in principle, but as something to actually live by (both as individuals and as a society at large).

Source: Of Priuses and pick-up trucks – Suzuki Elders

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