Lights Out!

Unfortunately I don’t think this initiative has had enough publicity in this part of the world for there to be a noticeable dip as seen by BC Hydro but there’s nothing wrong with joining in to the extent that we are able.

It’s a shame that we are not using air conditioning at this time of year, but perhaps there are some other College-wide systems (other than computers) which could be temporarily shut down. And perhaps with regard to computers we could ask ICS to use those 5 min to test our emergency power supply system.

Of course if we wanted to send the strongest possible correct “signal” then we could start up the air conditioning and every available electric heater etc (arc welders would be good if we have them) earlier that morning then turn them all off at 10:55 and on again at 11:00 for another half hour or so (and off again at random times after that). But I suppose that might be seen as a cynical and dishonest manipulation of the data.

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