Why I Have Not Read ‘Heat’

According to his publisher’s web blurb, George Monbiot has established that “we need a 90% cut in our emissions within 25 years if we are to stop ourselves reaching the point where the “climate feedback” becomes unstoppable”, and “for the first time, … explains how this cut could be achieved. ”

My problem is more with the latter than the former (although I am doubtful that the 90% cut can reliably to be shown to be either necessary or sufficient), and arises largely because the blurb reads to me like one for a secret ‘get rich quick’ scheme whose author will tell me how to make millions doing absolutely nothing in five easy steps (which just happen to be available only in book form).

If Monbiot can’t tell me in one page what the essence of his strategy is then he probably can’t do it in a book either. But just in case I’m missing out on hearing about the magic bullet that noone else has thought of I’ll be going to today’s seminar. And I urge anyone else at Langara who cares about the very real threat of global warming to do likewise.

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