Another Silly “Pro-Life” Question

Source: (1000) Alan Cooper’s answer to Those of you who are “pro-choice” when it comes to abortion: Are you also pro-choice when it comes to allowing pro-life people to vote their conscience at the ballot box? – Quora

I was going to give a sarcastic answer about the “well known phenomenon” of pro-choice goons demanding to check everyone’s ballot at the voting booth.

But seriously, so long as those votes are either on constitutionally permitted items or subject to whatever process your country has for amending its constitution, then in a proper democracy I have absolutely no way of not “allowing” people to cast their secret ballot however they wish.

On the other hand, no, I am not in favour of including measures which restrict a woman’s right to terminate her own unwanted pregnancy as constitutionally permitted. So wherever such laws are permitted, I favour amendments that make them unconstitutional.

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