The Honest(?) Broker

Roger Pielke Jr. belies his blog title with his claim in this recent post that

the IPCC has concluded that connections of carbon dioxide emissions and most types of extreme weather are “in a state of high uncertainty, doubt, or incompleteness.”

The quoted section is not from IPCC’s own conclusions but from an expression of concern about how a certain way of expressing them might be misinterpreted, and the link provided to support that claim is not to IPCC directly but to Pielke’s own piece alleging that IPCC results do lead to that conclusion. It would have been more honest to rephrase the claim as “I have suggested that IPCC results do lead to the conclusion that most types of extreme weather are ‘in a state of high uncertainty, doubt, or incompleteness’”. And it would even not be actually dishonest to replace “suggested” with “shown” (though I am still withholding judgement on whether or not that claim is factually correct)

Source: Russell’s Teapot and the Climate Unicorn

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